Saturday, 8 January 2011

"You with your Switchblade posse..."

Happy New Year gamers and I hope you had a nice Christmas! 
I’m back with my first post of the New Year which is just a quick news update on something very exciting, especially for portable gaming fans!

It has been announced that Razer, makers of the awesome gaming gear such as mice, keyboards and other peripherals, are bringing out the Razer Switchblade, a 7inch portable gaming system, “a revolution in PC gaming.” It has a 7inch touch-screen display with 45 fully customisable LCD buttons! It isn’t as clunky as it sounds, check this video out:

When I first saw this announcement, my initial, optimistic thought was, “Wow, these graphics are going to suck.” - Considering the games it has been linked to. Which is why ladies and gentlemen I haven’t touched a PSP, Nintendo DS or anything else portable since I had my Gameboy with Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow and Silver... cue flashback of happy times. However, I was pleased to learn that the graphics have been reported to be “pretty rich.” Now, I hope they aren’t comparing the visuals to other handheld gaming devices, because when they say “pretty, rich graphics”, I damn well expect pretty, rich graphics! If not, I will be a sad face. 

I am quite excited to find out the price for the Switchblade; even though it is bound to be expensive, it can’t be more expensive than a PS3, can it? We shall see! If I do eventually get one of these, I will be sure to avoid purchasing any Call of Duty games for it, as that thing looks so easy to throw accross your room and into your wall when angered.

Anyway, make sure you check out the video above from the guys at IGN to get the full story on the prototype so far, before you go.

That’s it for now readers, as brief as you like indeed! Although I’m almost finished with my Assassins Creed: Brotherhood review! I ploughed through it over the Christmas period, and managed to fully complete the game just after New Year, so I could get my write up out to you as soon as I could! So keep a look out, I will be back soon!

Thanks for the visit and the read,

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