Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Call of Duty: Elite Beta

Hey Gamers! 

This is my first dedicated post on this blog for quite some time now, as I've just been copying and pasting some of my published stuff over on Blogcritics onto here... so yeah, I've been a bit lazy in that sense! I'm going to try and spend more time on my own blog from now on, as well as doing my work for the website magazine, just so I can get some news bulletins out to you all with hast; let's start with a popular franchise, shall we?

It was announced today that Activision will be making a Beta version of Call of Duty: Elite available for players to test out, just so that they can get it perfect for the release of MW3, I presume (let's hope that the game is near perfect, eh?). Call of Duty: Elite is a social networking service for gamers who will be playing MW3, which will allow players to befriend people, chat with people, group up with people and start a clan with friends and total strangers... Codbook?

If you want to be considered as a Beta tester for CoD Elite, then you will have to register your details here, and hope that you get a spot! Also, you can read more about Call of Duty: Elite, here.

Hope you're all good! Thanks for reading.

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