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World of Tanks Review

When I first saw one of the trailers for Wargaming.net’s World of Tanks, I didn’t really know what to expect. The footage is crazy! Initially, it looked like a racing game from a funny farm, giving the impression that the tanks had fallen out with the cars over some sort of name calling issue or something and as a result there was a vehicular war sparked, like in Transformers. I just didn't get it. Take a look at the trailer below, and see for yourself. But make sure you don't judge it solely on the trailer...

Wrongly, I chose to ignore World of Tanks after seeing the above footage, but the reason why I eventually decided to grab this game is because a friend of mine said that it is actually bad-ass. I trusted his many excitable outbursts and commenced downloading the game.
World of Tanks is a free, 1.8GB download, and if you download it directly from their website, it goes pretty quickly.
At first, by looking at the title of the game alone, I was quick to assume that it was going to be an MMO, which did actually push me away from the idea of getting the game even more so, as I just couldn’t see it being a success. However, World of Tanks is in fact a Team Deathmatch game, with a hint of base capture in the mix, and it works well! So the early lesson here, is that you shouldn’t judge a game by its cover.
The main menu in World of Tanks is set in a depot, which stores all of the tanks that you have earned. You start off with three really bad tanks, which you have to use in order to build up your credits and experience points. The credits and experience points earned from the 15-on-15 battles will enable you to purchase upgrades for the chosen tank on the tech tree. Each tank has its own, unique tech tree, which players will have to work through in order to research the tank on the next tier, or to just make the current tank in the depot as good as it can be.

All together, there are exactly 101 World War II tanks to unlock within the following categories: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, and artillery tanks. These tanks exist in10 different tiers and, simply put, there are a lot of metal monsters to choose from. There are also upgrades on sale in the tech tree, different types of ammunition, and consumables (perks) available as well.
A lot of downloadable games like World of Tanks will require you to pay for certain things in order for you to progress in the game, whilst the basic features are free to use; World of Tanks is different. You have, however, got the option to purchase gold for your account, which can then be exchanged for credits, to give you a fast track to buying the tanks, but this isn’t essential. Earning credits and experience in the game can be a breeze once you have come to grips with the controls and how your tank handles. It does take practice. It isn’t exactly a lengthy amount of time until you rack up enough resources to buy your next tank, but some people will find it a bit tedious if they’re impatient... and this is where buying the gold comes in handy. All the details for buying gold for a user account are on the World of Tanks website.

The gameplay in World of Tanks is glitch-free, and I have yet to come across anything significant to complain about. The controls are smooth as well, and they are mapped like a first person shooter — W, A, S, D for the basic movements and the mouse is used to operate the weaponry, which in this case is a turret.
I wasn't really expecting anything groundbreaking when it came to the visual detail in World of Tanks, however, the graphics are really well developed. The tank textures are great and it is evident that there has been a lot of effort put into the model design of each vehicle to make them all look as historically accurate as possible. The developers have made clever use of soft lighting and distance blurring to make the game look polished and pretty on a fair variety of well-designed maps. The physics in the game are good looking too, boasting real-time tank movements through to destructible environments, which will have you running over trees at every given chance just for funsies.

Last but not least, there is the multiplayer feature, which is as stable as an iron box. Fast matchmaking and good pings allow there to be uninterrupted fun, with players whistling shells over the fields at the opposing tanks with no problems at all. It is an epic idea, turned into a well executed game.
In conclusion, I would say that World of Tanks is definitely worth a go for everyone seeing as it is free, fun, and easy to play. World of Tanks is a really addictive and stable online experience which immerses players in a brilliantly designed environment, constantly giving people something to aim for and achieve. World of Tanks has the longevity we have come to expect from a multiplayer game and it is packed full of entertainment to keep you on your seat for hours on end, whilst looking the part.

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  1. This was a lucky find. On my site just now I am working my way through F2P games to try and find the best one. Somebody said WoT to me but I had already made up the list of games I was going to work on.

    I will be playing this though once I am finished.

    Cheers for the review


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