Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Battlefield 3: Multiplayer

Hey Gamers!

Battlefield 3 itself looks absolutely stunning, as you have most probably seen yourself. However, I am more interested in the Multiplayer aspect, rather than the campaign, even though I wish the campaign to be brilliant as well. After having played every single major Battlefield release since Battlefield 1942 came out back in 2002, EA DICE have never failed to provide us with an epic and stable online service, and it has been one of those games to really shine in the first person shooter genre. The Battlefield series never did have a single player campaign until the release of Bad Company, so it has pretty much always been a multiplayer-dedicated franchise. Because of this, and having a lot of practice with the multiplayer aspect of the game, they always deliver perfection, and I will not be expecting Battlefield 3 to be anything less than perfect - if anything, it looks more than perfect.

Click here to see a very pleasing interview with Lars Gustavsson from EA DICE, as he talks to Gamespot about Battlefield 3 multiplayer. He basically says that everything good about the Battlefield and Bad Company games will be melded in to one epic experience, with lots more features and improvements on top of what is already a successful creation. On top of all of the nice little features and changes though, I am most excited about the reintroduction of fighter jets!

Even though Modern Warfare 3 is predicted to outsell Battlefield 3 in the opening days of the game's releases, I do believe that Battlefield 3 will end up outselling MW3 overall, and it will no doubt rise way above Call of Duty's lack of ideas and direction.

In EA DICE we trust!

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