Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Call of Duty: Space Warfare?

Ok so, what the hell? 

Welcome back readers, this time I bring you news that will... well, it will probably have you either excited, sitting on the fence or just plain disappointed.
News has been leaked via Activision’s internet activity, that the new Call of Duty could indeed be set in Space! It has been reported that the following web domain titles have been reserved by Activision:

·         Future Warfare
·         Advanced Warfare
·         Secret Warfare
·         Space Warfare

So going on some of those titles, it’s not a definite that the game will be set in space – although it is looking likely that the new release will be set in times far from the modern warfare era. Personally, this is both intriguing and nuts; I cannot imagine the Call of Duty series being flung that far into the future, not yet anyway, it is just too much of a big step. Already, I think the franchise has taken too many big leaps since Call of Duty 2 and 3 – even though Treyarch’s World at War and Black Ops re-visit the past, I still feel that they could have slowed down a bit on the timeline jump, and instead should have released games in a sort of a steady timeline order of events. Myself being a massive fan of history, especially wartime history, I was really disappointed to see that they completely skipped a dedicated Vietnam Call of Duty – sure they threw Vietnam themed sequences into the Black Ops campaign, but it’s not enough, it wasn’t historically accurate! The Vietnam War between the U.S and the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) was a huge point in history, sparking many arguments that the U.S should not have gotten involved as Vietnam was in a state of a civil war, causing fights between the North and the South; America had no real place to stand in the matter. It caused mass sit ins in Colleges and Schools throughout America with protests and marches being put into action both for and against the war.  When President Nixon had been elected, he promised to bring the U.S troops home; instead he decided to order troops into Cambodia and bomb the crap out of Vietnam, inevitably sparking more of an uproar... it was all crazy! America’s purpose in the war is still debated even now, so why the hell haven’t Infinity Ward or Treyarch made a Vietnam game yet!? It’s so full of history and controversy that it would be a hell of an interesting story line, I just don’t get why the opportunity hasn’t been taken. 

Also, just to confuse you more, some of you may or may not know that there is now a company called Sledgehammer Games; the bosses that were sacked from Infinity Ward have started up their own company, which will also be making Call of Duty titles, as well as Infinity Ward and Treyarch. Activision have come out and stated that we’re to expect at least two CoD games on the horizon, presuming that Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward are going to be making one game each. Although the potential Space Warfare title has not yet got a confirmed developer, it has been said that Sledgehammer Games are to be in current development of an Action-Adventure CoD title... which sounds awesome!

Courtesy of Blast Magazine
What’s your view on it all? Are you excited for a potential space warfare game, or can you make do with Halo and have Call of Duty slow down a bit? With three developers and three titles, the franchise really could go any way! It’s both exciting and worrying – as if they all jump too far forward, it could mean the end of CoD! Unless of course they do an awkward rewind in time when they release they have made the mistake. Watch this ‘space’... I don’t get it.

Anyway, thats all from me today. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more entertainment news! I will be introducing some Movie news, previews and reviews in my blog soon enough, so keep an eye out :) 

Thanks again, and stay awesome!


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  1. So wait they already started on a new 1 see i told you before that call of duty wasn't that great. When a month or two later they already got started on a new angle sounds like Halo to me.

  2. They have indeed, it might not just be the one they've already started on, possibly both of them! As Treyarch have released their version of CoD, so I doubt IW and Sledge have been doing nothing - it's worrying, they're just churning games out with the only interest at heart being money. Feels like they're losing sight of providing awesome games for gamers.


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