Monday, 21 February 2011

Just a quick blast!

Hey Gamers!

I've not really been very active on here of late as I've had a lot of other things to deal with, which makes my mind turn to sludge, thus causing writers block! So for this, I apologise.
So I'm just going to throw out some of the latest updates for you all to enjoy, throughout this week, and also to just to let you know that I am still alive!

First on the cards is Bulletstorm! Holy crap, what a game this is looking to be. 
I grabbed the demo not so long ago, and it blew me away, quite literally. It is a very over-the-top first person shooter, with a lot of eye-watering visual effects and a lot of blood and naughty language! 
Bulletstorm is an EPIC Games release, and it's nothing short of epic, let me tell you! The player models kind of remind me of Gears of War a little bit, as do some of the weapons... However, it is no way a knock-off version of GoW, just to get that straight; although it does look equally as amazing, except with brighter and louder colours.

Bulletstorm is completely unique and bad ass. One of the coolest features in this game has to be your kill combos, sending the enemies flying into the air in slow motion, and doing whatever the hell you want to do to the guy before he hits the ground again, earning you a lot of experience points... it's essentially Street Fighter on speed! Whilst this is happening, you can use your rifles, your whip and/or your physical attacks to combine a nice finishing move. 

The environment plays a key roll in this game, too, when it comes to destroying the crazy looking bad guys; there are a lot of shiny, spiky dangerous things you can impale them on, after kicking them full force in the chest, or alternatively you can electrocute them... a long with many, many more beautiful, death-by-environment methods, it's fun and it's bound to get a lot of heat from the government in some way, shape or form, for potentially making people kill other people in crazy ways... I don't know! Basically, in Bulletstorm, the violence is overkill and the dial is set to thrill, giving you a real adrenaline pumped first person shooter, one that we haven't seen for a long while, if at all. 
This game is set for release later this week, on the Friday to be exact (25th February), and it's a must buy for all first person shooter fans, especially if you're getting a little tired of Call of Duty. I know it's a bit of a bold statement when I go to type this, seeing as I have only played the demo, but really, you have to get a hold of this game, it's that awesome.

To conclude, this game is violent as hell, full of crazy- fun weapons, comedy dialogue, gripping and unreal variations of combat and intense, eye-watering visuals.
Below is a pre-release trailer for Bulletstorm, I advise you to check it out before you go!

That's all for this blast, gamers! I will be back again sometime this week, and I mean it this time! 
Sorry for the delay. 

Hope you're all awesome!

Jayhmmz (,,,)(O.o)(,,,)

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