Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Well.. here's a curve ball that I wasn't expecting!

Hey Gamers, time for a quick follow on from yesterday's post about Homefront.. and I bring news, of somewhat disheartening proportion. 
After many gamers having bigged up the game after visiting game conventions, and gameplay trailers conveying what seemed to be a pretty amazing looking game.. turns out it isn't all what it was hyped up to be. However, it is still "fun" and "unique".

I watched a video review on IGN.com this morning, and they pretty much delivered a curve ball, in terms of what the game is like overall. 
First of all, they reported that Homefront's presentation isn't all that great, but that it didn't look bad; it just wasn't going to be battling it out with the rest of the awesome looking games, such as Killzone 3 and Crysis2, but it's still playable and it does a great job in presenting the mood and surroundings of the setting. It's also been said that the voice acting and sound effects aren't outstanding, but they're still good. 
The last negative worth mentioning, is the fact that the campaign will only last the average gamer for five hours. However, where the campaign length fails, the multi-player impresses. Homefront's multi-player is said to have added significant value to the game overall, with a lot of customisation and great gameplay, which has been described as "fluid".

IGN.com gave this game a 7 out of 10.. but with that and the negatives that have been stated, it still doesn't put me off buying Homefront, as the story-line, "fluid" gameplay and the multi-player still tickles my fancy. 
The problem is with developers and their games these days, is that the focus seems to be more on the multi-player, rather than the effort being equally distributed between both the campaign and the multi-player.. it's either one or the other with a lot of games. The first developer that pops into my head in regards to campaigns filled with effort is Crytek, with their Crysis games.. but the sacrifice being that the multi-player left a lot to be desired, but they look like they have learnt their lesson, and have put more effort into the online aspect in Crysis 2. Fingers crossed for an all-round fantastic experience on both the single-player and multi-player fronts.

Anyway, that's all from me, it was just a quick news blast to let you all know what's going on in the Homefront, just in case you wanted to reconsider buying the game. 
If you want a nice, long campaign to play through, and you don't really care about the multi-player aspect, then steer clear of Homefront until the game comes down in price! Or you could go out and rent it, due to the fact that you could probably complete the game before you have to return it!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.

Have a good day,

Jayhmmz (''')(O.o)(''')

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