Monday, 14 March 2011

Homefront is close!

Hey Gamers! Welcome back to my blog, for a quick mention about a super-awesome, epic winning game, called Homefront. I've heard that this game is going to be so awesome, that it most likely has digital tiger blood contained within the software, banging seven gram rocks.. because that's how it rolls. *

* Yeah, because all of those phrases aren't overused. Fun nonetheless.

Chuck Norris' house.
Anyway, you're side-tracking me, time to get back to the point.
Seriously though, I have heard from a few reliable sources, one source in-particular that I know personally, that Charlie Sheen's.. I mean, Kaos Studio's (Frontlines: Fuel of War) Homefront is an incredible creation, and it's only their second game, ever. After demonstrations having been given at PAX East and other video game conventions, a lot of people have come away in awe, in regards to their first experiences of playing Homefront. It has been described as "the thinking man's first person shooter..", and when I first viewed the footage of the gameplay and the developers diaries, I could pretty much predict myself that this game was going to be more than just a mindless, spray and pray game, like Call of Duty. (Yes, that was yet another snide remark towards Call of Duty.. One of many, from me.)

Holy Shi-!

Just to give you a quick description of what the game is all about, I will give you a quick shakedown on the story. Homefront is set in 2027 America, which has been invaded by the Korean People's Army (America being invaded in a video game.. that's new!). The game focuses on the fictional collapse of the U.S.A, the occupation by the Greater Korean Rupublic and the American Resistance (that you will be a part of) who attempt to fight the occupation. 

Choo, choo.. oh wait..
From what I have seen of Homefront, the campaign looks as though it will have a solid, emotional and intense story-line (so it should do, considering the writer is John Milius, who co-wrote Apocalypse Now!), accompanied by a fantastic multi-player experience, featuring 32 player matches using dedicated servers.

Homefront is due for release on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, in the U.K and Europe, later this week on Friday, 18th March. Release dates may vary for the rest of the World.

That's enough from me for today! In the mean time, because you're winning, I will leave you with a nice little trailer for Homefront, below:

Thank you for stopping by your favourite blog! No but seriously, thanks for reading :) 
I hope you come back soon.. and stay awesome!

Jayhmmz ('')(O.o)(''')

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