Monday, 7 March 2011

Another FPS attempting to topple the big guns...

Hey Gamers! Welcome back to my humble blog. 

I return to you all with the latest trailer for the newest addition to the Operation Flashpoint franchise, Red River, which according to this video is due for release on 24th April this year.
I'm not too sure what to make of this game. I've never really been an avid fan of the OF franchise, however, I did go out and buy the Dragon Rising title when it was released back in October 2009. The campaign for Dragon Rising was decent, but nothing more than that. The co-op mode for the campaign did make it a little more fun, but it wasn't exactly mind-blowing. Whilst the campaign was under-achieving, the multi-player aspect to the game wasn't doing any better either; I would go as far as to say that the multi-player would have been somewhat of a success, if it didn't have network problems on almost every single server available. The game wasn't just an FPS, it was a tactical FPS, with realistic weapon characteristics and player movements, with the ability to control a squad out on the field... it definitely wasn't run and gun, which put this game in good stead to be a great success...

But it wasn't

So, Publisher and Developer, Codemasters, have come back to give it another shot with Red River, apparently addressing all of the problems that popped up in Dragon Rising, and fixing them... So why didn't they just release a patch for Dragon Rising, and fix all of the problems way back when? *sigh*
It has been reported by numerous and reliable sources that Red River is aiming to be more of a Call of Duty style shooter. Having played Dragon Rising to the point where my patience was going to pack it's bags and run away from me, I cannot help but wince at the idea of a mix.

It's not really a game that I am high in anticipation for... as judging by the trailer alone, it looks clunky and the graphics are below expectations of a modern day FPS game, but I thought I would throw it out there and let you all know that it exists! Because you never know, there may be a select few people that are massive Operation Flashpoint fans here, visiting my blog... but I think that there's more of a chance of waking up to realise that you're spooning a snow leopard, than that happening.

Anyway, enough of the harsh truths, check out the latest trailer for Red River below, to see what you think.

That's all from me for today, I will be back very shortly with more news from the gaming world, so sit tight!
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Oh, oh! One more thing...  I would like to say a big thanks to all of you who have been reading my posts and have helped me smash the 1,000 mark for page views! I was a very happy bear.

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