Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Extended Battlefield 3 Game-Play Footage!

Hey Gamers, I have returned from my short holiday, with a post that links up with my last one that I left you with, in regards to Battlefield 3...

I found out today that there has been a new video released on YouTube by, containing extended game-play footage of the Battlefield 3 campaign, on the PC! Let me tell you, it looks amazing. You can definitely judge the game on it's looks more so than you could with the first trailer I shared with you all, and it is proving to be an already stunning game. 
There's no real need for me to go on, and on again in this post about Battlefield 3, as I will pretty much be reiterating points I have already made out to you in my initial blog post... so I will just say... Holy Sh*t. 

So before you go, be sure to check out the video below... It's a must see!

That's all for this blast, but I will be back again at least twice before the week is out! 
So stay awesome!

Hope you're all good,

Jayhmmz (''')(O.o)(''')

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